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Colorado Construction Institute (CCI) and the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver (HBA) have partnered to deliver Building Pathways, an innovative education and job training opportunity bringing construction career exploration and preparation onto high school campuses across the Denver Metro Area. The program uses the construction industry as a baseline for skills development applicable to countless professions – from tradesman, to office manager, to architect and so much more.


Building Pathways centers upon an innovative, emerging trend in secondary education – Project-Based Learning (PBL). Students in BP 101 identify, design, plan, build and evaluate construction projects that meet a local community need. Because PBL replicates the type of work necessary for success in college and in any professional career, all students gain valuable experience for life after high school.

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 Empower students to…

Learn about career and educational opportunities.

Develop career-specific skills that meet market demand.

Gain hands-on experience in a simulated work environment.

Acquire creative problem-solving skills.

Demonstrate personal

Practice self-discipline and


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Building Pathways has been integrated into the HBA Construction Skills Development Initiative, and has the full support of HBA leadership and members. HBA employers have pledged job opportunities to qualified graduates of Building Pathways programming. All participants in BP 201 will have the opportunity to earn a competency credential recognized by HBA Employers as qualification for entry-level employment.


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“The HBA believes that skilled labor is one of the pillars of our industry; with the support of our members we can grow our Construction Skills Development Initiative into a sustainable solution to our labor shortage.”

Executive Vice President and CEO, HBA of Metro Denver


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